Hi there, my name is Jenny and I’d like to welcome you to the Ginger Ninja Crafts blog.  I hope you decide to stay a while and if you like what you see, that you will pop back and visit again!

As far back as I can remember I enjoyed being creative and spending time making different projects.  Nowadays I mostly enjoy paper crafts and card making but in the past I’ve dabbled in cross stitch, (very basic!) knitting and jewelry making.  After 20 years of working in the healthcare I decided last year to take a career break and try something totally different.  In a quest for a better work life balance and to reduce my stress levels I set up the Ginger Ninja Craft Shop on Etsy and 9 months in I’m loving it!

Ginger Ninja crafts was named for my very fluffy ginger cat (officially named Mr Darcy).  Although it has been suggested that he is far to loud and clumsy to be a true ninja, somehow the name has stuck!  Some people have expressed doubt at the real identity of the ginger ninja as I am also a red head and so is my husband (although he assures everyone he is a strawberry blonde!) so hopefully as you get to know me you can make your own mind up as to the true identity of the ninja!  I live with Mr Strawberry-blonde, Mr Darcy and our other two cats, Pepper and Spats in a  small town just outside Edinburgh.

After lurking on other people’s craft blogs I decided to start my own and so my blogging learning curve begins.  Ginger Ninja Crafts is for people who love crafting and card making.  I will be sharing crafty things I love, DIY projects and new things I discover and learn relating to crafts and creativity.  I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts and look forward to getting to know you too.1479417620611397


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