Friday the 13th – I dare you!

Happy Friday the 13th and in honour of it our new Daring Cardmakers Challenge is all about superstitions!

I’m not particularly superstitious although I don’t walk under ladders unless totally necessary and I have been know to greet single magpies….. ok maybe I’m a little superstitious! A couple of years ago when weeding in my garden I found 2 four leaf clovers! My hubby and I decided we must be in line for a lottery win so we drove to the shop to buy a ticket straight away….. can you guess what happened? Yup we did not win but I still have one of those four leaf clovers just in case there is a little but of good luck still in there!

So inspired by my lucky clover I decided to focus on good luck symbols for my card, the clovers plus of course a black cat (I am a self confessed crazy cat lady!!) and a lucky horse shoe.

I hope you have a fabulous Friday with only good luck! Crafty hugs

Jenny (AKA Ginger Ninja Crafts!) xx

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