SAL Sunday 2021 – 2

Hi crafty people, how are you all today? I feel like my SAL posts always include a little pandemic update from our corner of the world…. so we are still in lockdown, until the end of February I think at this stage. The numbers are starting to come down in Scotland and the vaccination programme is going really well. As rubbish as lockdown is, I think it’s amazing that we have a selection of vaccines and that at least here in Scotland 99% of the care home residents have been vaccinated and 92% of people over the age of 80 in the community (my Mum being one of them!). They have started on the 70s, 65 + are next and lots of care home and NHS staff too. There is much to be grateful for not least the clever scientists and amazing staff who are rolling out the vaccination programme. Spring is round the corner and I feel hopeful of better times ahead. The other ray of sunshine this week was the rugby yesterday when Scotland won the Calcutta Cup for the first 1st time at Twickenham since 1983! I hope you have been finding some rays of sunshine despite everything that’s happening in the world

It’s been another productive stitching time for me. Three weeks ago I was here….

Today I am here….

It’s a snowy day which is perfect stitching weather (although my husband thinks it’s golfing weather and he is off for a game!) so I’m looking forward to getting some more done and cheering on Ireland in the rugby!

This SAL is organised by the lovely Avis. who keeps us all on track (it’s always a surprise to me when the email comes in and I think it cannot be 3 weeks already!!) I just wanted to say a big thank you to Avis and all my fellow stitchers who really keep me motivated to stitch regularly. I’m looking forward to catching up with all the other blogs in this SAL group.  Please give them a visit too, I’ve linked them here so you can easily find them.

Avis , Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze  ,Christina, Kathy , Margaret , Cindy  , Heidi , Jackie , Sunny , Hayley ,Megan , Deborah , Mary Margaret, Renee, Carmela,  SharonDaisyAnne ,ConnieAJLaura, CathieLinda, and Helen

Stay safe and be gentle with yourself at this time.

Crafty hugs

Jenny (AKA the Ginger Ninja!) x


13 thoughts on “SAL Sunday 2021 – 2

  1. I too was thrilled to see Scotland win the Calcutta cup. (I am half scottish after all – though I do not follow rugby lol). Sunflowers are growing at a rate of knots – they will be in full bloom well before summer at this rate Jenny xx


  2. My mom is 93 and currently in a rehab facility (she should be going home soon), but I was only able to get her a vaccine appointment for March at a drive-through facility at the beach. My husband and I as well as his mom also have appointments for that month. Hubby and I are eligible as we are educators. We are avoiding lockdown again here in the state of New York. Most people are being extremely careful. Your sunflowers are looking so pretty. You have made a lot of progress.


  3. Always appreciate your updates and bring your side of the world a bit closer and more familiar to me. Our vaccination roll out has been going well here in my state (Washington) and I just had my 1st shot. The sunflowers are so beautiful and you made great progress. Snow and rain is the perfect backdrop for lots of progress 🙂


  4. The sunflowers are so colourful and full of hope! Glad to hear that things are progressing well your side of the border. As to the rugby – we was robbed!! – well not really, we played terribly. Well done Scotland!


  5. My mom got her first shot Saturday. It is hit or miss here, not very organized at all. Who knows when the rest of us will get the vaccine. You have made good progress on your sunflowers.


  6. Here in Sweden they are a bit behind with the vaccine. 65+ were supposed to have their dose in February, but we will have to wait a few more weeks. Your Sun flowers remind me of summer and I wish we where there!


  7. So nice to see these sunflowers in the dark midwinter. Washington State is a bit behind where we hoped to be, vaccine-wise; I think our hard work reducing the infection rate has meant we’re lower on the priority list to get vaccines from the federal government. Hoping to be able to get an appointment for my mom, though it’s a bit like trying to score concert or theatre tickets!


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