Back to Basics and Beyond Challenge – Nail varnish technique

Happy hump day crafty people!  I can’t believe it’s time for another challenge at the Back to Basics and Beyond Challenge and it’s another fun technique!  This was a new one to me, using nail varnish for marbelling paper.

I covered a small casserole dish with tin foil and added some water before dripping in some nail varnish.  The first time I made the mistake of stirring the water in an effort to spread the colours around but I just ended up picking up the colour on the cocktail stick in a lump!  So I just tried to distribute the colours as I dripped them in!  It was a fun process, although it was pretty smelly and I opened a few windows to get some fresh air.


After the nail varnish was floating on the water I just laid some white card stock on and then set it aside to dry.  It was very hit or miss, just the luck of the draw (or the drip!) but this is a small selection of the papers I created.


I took the bottom left piece and cut some hearts and a sentiment for the card.  I liked being able to pick out patterned areas that I liked despite not being that keen on the whole piece!


I hope that you are able to join in with the challenge, there are lots of great ideas from the other design team members over on the blog.  Thanks so much for visiting the Ginger Ninja Crafts blog, I hope that I will see you again soon!

Crafty hugs

Jenny  (AKA the Ginger Ninja!) x

23 thoughts on “Back to Basics and Beyond Challenge – Nail varnish technique

    1. Oo maybe, if it was done very quickly, I’ll need to try that the next time. I think the challenge is the nail varnish seemed to set very quickly when it hit the water and other nail polish. x


  1. I have never heard of this before either – will have to look into some of the cheapy shops for some nail polish (have mine done professionally so not something I have in stock). The nice thing about all these techniques is even if it comes out looking messy it still looks great when you are cutting small things like the hearts you have used here or little flowers and embellishments. xx

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