SAL Sunday – 8

Happy Sunday crafty people!  It’s been three weeks since my last confession…. oops no SAL post!  Last time I hadn’t been stitching but as you will see I’ve got quite a bit done this time.  I had picked up a project which had been started several years ago and this is how it was ….


Three weeks later and it’s looking like this….


Just a few leaves to finish off, the tiger face needs filled in and some back stitching and it will be done.  The pattern has “the tiger” stitched at the bottom but I think I will leave that off as I don’t really think it looks good.  I’m fairly confident that these two cuties will be finished off before the next SAL post in three weeks but who knows!

In case you haven’t seen one of my SAL posts before I should explain.  SAL stands for Stitch Along and this one is organised by the lovely Avis.  The idea is to finish off a UFO (or Unfinished Object!) and let me tell you I have lots of those!  If you fancy joining in then contact Avis and she will give you all the information you need.

I’m looking forward to catching up with all the other blogs in this SAL group, please give them a visit too, I’ve linked them here so you can easily find them.

Avis , Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze  ,Christina, Kathy , Margaret , Cindy , Helen , Linda , Heidi , Jackie , Sunny , Hayley ,Megan ,Catherine , Deborah , Clare , Mary Margaret, Renee, Carmela, Jocelyn and Sharon

Crafty hugs

Jenny (AKA the Ginger Ninja!) x

32 thoughts on “SAL Sunday – 8

    1. eek, so far they are sitting in a pile, I would like to frame a couple but I am wondering if I might have a try at making a wall hanging from this one, no idea how to do that but it would be a wee challenge! x

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  1. Haha, it does sometimes feel like a confession, but you’ve made such great progress! Amazed by how quickly you stitch! The tigers are definitely cuties 😊

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  2. Hi Jenny, your post reminded me of that old joke of how long a project you’re not working on takes to finish…yours is wow…how quickly it can be finished when you do work on it. Love seeing these two emerge on your cloth. Pretty colours too.

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  3. Hi Jen, You are steaming through these UFO’s at a rate of knots. Glad you joined us and are getting them all our the way. Oh what do you do – I have a pile of finishes that I took out the draw six months ago because “if I can see them I will deal with them”. Huh famous last words they are still sitting there with a pile of old frames waiting to see if I can match them up and have a go at framing myself. It was easy when I took them to be framed every time I finished one but the old chap I used retired. His nephew took over and though he makes nowhere near as good a job (I made him reframe two of them because they were not even central), he doubled his prices.

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    1. Ah it’s not cheap is it to get them professionally framed, and frustrating if it’s not done very well. I’m so glad that you suggested I join the SAL Helen as it’s really ignited my interest in cross stitch again and I’ve loved picking up these projects again. I’ve still got a good few to go before I can justify buying anything new but if something caught my eye I probably would pick it up! Thanks so much for letting me know about the SAL xx


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